Upcoming Events!

Creativity Day  June 12th, 2015          Children's Creativity Museum    


Past Events:

Scott Campus Science Night  April 19, 2016              Scott Campus Elementary, San Francisco

BioIgnite March 2016                                                 Georgia Tech University, Atlanta

Young Minds at Work June 17, 2015                         USF, San Francisco

Clair Lilienthal Science Night April 23, 2015            Madison Campus Elementary, San Francisco 

Lowell High School February 2, 2015                        Lowell High School, San Francisco

SplashSown! July 26, 2014                                         USS Hornet, San Francisco

Aim High July 2, 2014                                                 Martin Luther King Middle School, San Francisco

Bay Area Science Festival November 1, 2013             AT&T Park, San Francisco

Touch Me! October 27, 2013                                     UC Berkeley

Castilleja School September 5, 2013                         Castilleja School, Palo Alto

Maker Faire May 18, 2013                                        San Mateo

Hoover Elementary April 18, 2013                          Hoover Elementary, Oakland

Brilliant Science January 27, 2013                           California Academy of Science, San Francisco


If you are a teacher/parent in the Bay Area and are interested in a lesson from us you can shoot us an email at legoscope.info@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook!