You now have all the parts and are ready for the fun part

You now have all the parts and are ready for the fun part


Using a dab of crazy glue, secure a lens to the eye piece...

and objective...



There are infinite variations, but here is a walk through on creating a basic model


  1. Begin with building the tower base. This is the basic pattern.
  2. Alternate the pattern as you build each layer
  3. Continue until you have a hollow tower three layers high
  4. Add two of the 2x2 peg bricks as shown
  5. Add two 2x2 and two 2x4 bricks to complete the layer
  6. Repeat the pattern and build another three layers above the pegs
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5
  8. Build another six layers on top of the pegs. Then snap in the tires.
  9. Cut out a piece of black construction paper, roll it into a tube and insert it into the hollow center. This will stop light from reflecting inside.
  10. Attach the eyepiece to the top and the objective to the bottom of the tower


here are some bases we have built for inspiration


turn on the flashlight and place it under the sample.


Congrats! We have created a working microscope

find or create some samples and enjoy your exploration of the microscopic world!