Before we get started, we need 4 sets of items:

total cost: ~USD$18 + lego bricks


i. Legos: We will need a handful of standard Lego bricks to create the tower and stage

  1. Tower: 48 2x3, 28 2x2, 4 2x4, 4 2x2 wheel pegs & wheels
  2. Stage: no specifications here! Build creatively to best match what you plan on imaging

ii. Lens: We use inexpensive plastic lens orders from

Email them at with this request for a quote on the lens. Order 2.  Typically the total cost is ~$6 total.

iii. Adapters: We need to 3-D print 2 different adapters to 'Lego-ize' the lens

  1. Download blueprints for the objective-adapter and eyepiece-adapter files here and here
  2. Take these files to your favorite 3-D printing shop/service for creation. They cost ~$5 total in materials, although service charges vary widely
  3. Check our new adapters click with the Legos. Sometimes there is variation between 3-D printers and minor modifications to the blueprint are necessary
  4. A few dabs of a glue similar to Krazy Glue. See step 1 in the ASSEMBLY section

iv. Light source: Every microscope needs one!

Any flashlight will work, but we like this one since it has a built in diffuser (~$7)