Our goal is to make optics education fun and accessible at the middle and high-school levels by teaching in local Bay Area classrooms.

The LegoScope is exactly what it sounds like: a microscope built from LEGO bricks!

Two 3D printed adapters allow lenses to be attached to LEGO bricks. Build a simple tower to hold the lenses a defined distance apart, build a stage to put your sample on, grab a flashlight, and you have a fully functioning microscope!

We use the LegoScope to teach basic optics and image formation to middle-school and high-school students. Optics education can be difficult - lenses have to be aligned precisely and the physics behind image formation can be mysterious and intimidating. Using LEGO bricks allows aligning lenses to be as simple and snapping two bricks together, and using a common childhood toy makes learning optics approachable and fun!